Tuesday, October 6, 2015


"Stop being a bitch Penelope," he says. The words are kind as they come to my ears. There's no malice, he's not currently the victim. There's no threat, no hostility, just a gentle reminder that perhaps, just possibly the fangs are free and the beast is unleashed on a world which deserves far worse than even I can deliver.

"I'm not being a bitch Roger, I'm just making a point," I say reasonably enough. There's no weeping, no gnashing of teeth, he doesn't pay for his gentle reminder with his blood, nor do his mortal remains acquire additional openings just now.

"Darling, I think you just advocated murder, arson, carpet bombing, and genocide, and suggested an entire nation be bulldozed into the sea," he says, his tone reasonable and calm.

"I suggested it be bulldozed into the abyss, which implies hell, or some extra-dimensional void, I woulnd't wish that foul creature on the depths of the sea. Cthulhu deserves better neigbhors," I reply.

"Exactly, I don't disagree in principle, of course, it's just that I hate to see you get angry because some idiot exists. There's nothing you can do about that, and of course there are plenty of idiots to go around," he says.

My lips peel back, I lick the bright, white ivory gifts that the Goddess, blessed me with, so at least the harm I do in this world might be beautiful and effective.

"Come here darling," I whisper.

"Is something wrong?" He asks.

He smells like meat, uncooked, full of bloody goodness, a movable feast. So easy, so tempting, a few minutes rending, tearing, a little chewing and gnawing, and all that warm, wet wonderful goodness can be mine, can be brought forth in a single crimson eruption, to be enjoyed at my leisure.

But then, who will wake me up in the morning when I'm late? Who will do the dishes when I feel that task to be beneath my station. Who might operate the camera to indulge my vanity? Who's still animate corpse would provide my bed with the body heat I lack?

"Nothing at all my love," I mumble.

"That's better, come to bed darling," he says.

"Yes darling,"

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