Sunday, January 17, 2016

WTF is Pinterest?

So, I decided to sign up for this Pinterest thing I've heard so much about...

So, before I can even finish signing up I have to choose an absurd number of stupid things to follow. "Interests" they call them. Sure, I can remove or change them later. All right, I'll play your game it's free.

What did the genius robots at Pinterest suggest? Things a girl like me might like? The apocalypse, goth clothes, how to do your makeup and hair without a reflection. How to get blood out of your clothes, carpet, well pretty much everything. Sometimes I'm a messy eater as it turns out. (Wet naps are your friend!)


Guess again, how about "Hairstyles! OMG, Fashion!, Recipes!, and DIY home improvement!

Thanks ever so much Pinterest bot.

As if the topics themselves weren't insulting, sexist and ignorant... I checked them out a bit of harmless curiosity, it only killed that cat once right?

There is absolutely nothing about how to dress or prepare a human skin under fashion! Most of the clothes suggested have colours, other than red, black and white, and I am sure I saw pastels. Can you imagine my shock and horror? PASTELS. WORTHLESS.

Hairstyles? OK, have to admit that one wasn't so bad, keeping it.

Recipes!!! Are you kidding me? It's always to mix up dead animal parts with heated weeds and roots! WTF, do people actually put this crap into their mouths? No wonder ya'll taste horrible. I think I'm going to be sick again.

DIY Home improvement, not one single thing about how to dig a grave, how to fix a shepherd's crook, how to keep a headstone from leaning over time. Sexist, insulting? Sure but also worthless.There's not a single thing about lighting, wiring or furnishing a crypt either. Does everyone live in a house these days?

Damn, can't remember my Geocities password. Was it password1 or passw0rd? The URL doesn't seem to work either. I've been in the ground too long I guess.