Monday, December 18, 2017

Solstice Magick.

"Let's make some holiday pictures!"

I say she, smiles, she obliges. She's happy.She's much more likable when she's happy.

"Just stand against the green screen and smile. I'll paint some clothes over you, you'll look great. Perfect vampiress picture. Lovely darling," I say.
"There, that one's even better," I say. She seems pleased.

"Put your hands down, I told you'd I'd paint clothes on you darling. Don't fret," I say.

"Perfect, don't worry, your fangs look great," I say. She smiles.

"Lovely, simply beautiful," I say, honestly enough.

"You'll look great as an elf, it will be adorable," I say.

"Adorable is a good thing, elves are cute. Don't stress, you know I will paint some clothes over you," I say. "Promise,"
"Oh, we're done here aren't we? Stop looking at me like that, I am not 'made of meat and filled with coppery goodness.' Stop it, that hurts,"

That's what he said. He gets carried away sometimes, forgets who he's dealing with. He'll be fine, a few bite marks, some bruises, the usual. Human ears grow back right?

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