Saturday, August 18, 2018

Penelope perpetually pisses people off.

Because I don't believe in any of the available, acceptable ideologies, I'm not "right" but I'm sure as hell not "left" either.

I believe in the entire bill of rights.

I believe everyone should be equal in the eyes of the law.

I believe in freedom *of* religion, which is mostly about freedom *from* other people's religion.

I believe in human rights, for everyone. Yes, including those people you think shouldn't have them.

I don't believe the government should have any role in marriage whatsoever.

I don't believe that the government should, force anyone to, in the course of their business take part in any event, or create anything they object to on religious, artistic, or ethical grounds.
I do believe that the government has a role in making sure no business discriminates against customers based on who they are, what they believe or who they love.

I think that there are times when it's appropriate for governments, schools, and private companies to actively work to change their hiring practices so that the composition of their workforce or student body more fairly reflects the composition of those people who apply for entry or employment.
I know that someone who disagrees with me about the details of those situations isn't necessarily just a racist or a bigot.

There is a real pay gap between men and women, and different sorts of men and women.

I don't really care about the plight of millionaire athletes, actresses, celebrities or CEOs in this regard. I just don't care who is only uber rich instead of mega-pornographic rich.

The pay gap is never going to go away entirely because it's a grown-up subject and the effect is produced by a variety of factors some of which have nothing to do with sexism, bias, or motherhood.

Working conditions in high paying jobs which don't require much education, voluntary choices made by educated and successful women to work as counselors, social workers, teachers often prevent them from earning as much as their husbands. Those are just some of the reasons we will never see equality of outcome when it comes to income.

The fact is, many very successful women simply don't have the psychopathic tendency to endlessly hunger for additional wealth past the point where the marginal utility of that wealth is actually negative when compared with their quality of life and personal happiness.

Waitresses are never going to make as much as auto mechanics, and ladies don't work on cars for a variety of reasons. Some of those reasons are problems which can be corrected. But the lack of interest, the difficulty many women have with the physical parts of the job, and the distaste many have for the working conditions are unlikely to ever change.

There are real, biological differences between human beings with XX and with XY chromosomes. This is not open to debate or discussion, and in a very few situations, this is the overriding factor in determining who gets to go where. (Sports, mostly.) I don't care if that makes you mad. But I hope it doesn't.

I don't believe it's anyone's business or concern whether you're a boy or a girl. Unless you're interested in having sex with them or selling them sperm or eggs you don't have.

I don't think it's too much to ask that others use the pronoun you prefer. But I'm not adding new ones just for you, and I don't believe it's the government's place to tell me I can't call you what I want to call you. (I think it's rude, and assinine to misgender someone deliberately, but those are not crimes.)

I believe people when they tell me that they were born 100% gay, or straight and that they have no control over their sexual preference.

I don't know if biology is always a factor in people's sexuality or not. I don't think anyone else does. I also don't believe it matters even a tiny little bit. I am not opposed to finding out there is an answer to this question.

I know white privilege is real. But I also know that smart privilege, and hot privilege, and healthy privilege, having all your teeth privilege, and having the privilege of being raised by wonderful people who love you are all real as well.

These are sometimes useful ideas when talking about demographics and society, but I don't believe they should ever be used to discount or dismiss any human beings, thoughts or opinions.

I don't believe you can ever understand someone else' struggles, doubts, fears, or the pain they've experienced in their life, and that diminishing and dismissing anyone because you feel you've some moral superiority because you imagine they haven't suffered, been excluded or had to fight their way through the world like you have is bullshit.

I know for a fact that people look at, and treat you differently based on your sexuality, wealth, attractiveness, how you dress, and how you talk.

I believe that domestic violence is a serious problem for humans and that men are probably the "victims" quite close to half the time.

I know for a fact that many times the situation is more complex than "He hits her" or "She hits him".

I don't believe it's wise, or prudent to accept as fact any persons' story about the nature of an abusive relationship they were involved in without hearing both sides of the story, and investigating the situation.

I believe that as a group women need more help, protection, and support to escape from such situations than men, but there should be more resources for everyone.

I believe that many times the partner who gets beat up and calls the police is also abusive and that it's entirely possible for both parties to be at fault.

I believe sexual harassment and assault are grave problems which we as a society have ignored for far too long. But I don't believe that a mob on social media is the way to find justice or reduce this problem.

I don't believe that only men are guilty of this behavior, and I don't believe that women are the only victims.

No means no but you are in fact obligated to object to unwanted advances at some point. Your body, your choice, no one owns you or is entitled to put their hands on you.

I know women are capable of lying about sexual assault, or harassment, or the details of a sexual encounter, and that it has happened in the past, and will in the future.

I don't believe that happens very often, and I find it incredibly unlikely that multiple unconnected women would just so happen to tell the same lie about the same man.

I hate that, in the public conversation we've lost track of the boundaries between sexual harassment, assault, and a sexual advance that was rejected.

No, I don't want to watch you masturbate. But asking politely is an entirely different matter than whipping it out and whacking it in front of me.

I don't believe that men are more likely to be sexual predators, or hit their women based on their politics, or income.

I don't believe that it's racist to believe in an immigration policy. Even a restrictive one.

I believe racism is wrong, both morally and factually.

But I don't believe it's remotely fair, or sane to have a single category called racist and to lump in those people who are nervous about being around members of other racial groups, or are more likely to feel threatened by young black men in the city with people who believe other races are genetically inferior to their own.

I know that there's a huge amount of cliquish thinking, in this world, and that mocking the members of other groups, stereotyping them, and portraying them as defective, inferior creatures who are less than fully human is widespread, and disgusting.

That doesn't simply become acceptable if the group in question isn't based on race or religion. Nor is it impossible to be guilty of that if you are yourself a member of some protected group.

I don't believe that white people in this country suffer from systemic, pervasive racially based exclusion or discrimination much more often than white buffaloes are born.

But it's entirely possible for them to be subjected to racial hatred, and members of minority groups can, and are frequently guilty of prejudice against others.

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