Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Flash Gordon?

‘Overlord’ Helmer Julius Avery to Write and Direct Fox’s ‘Flash Gordon’ Movie

First, about that article. So, I play fast and loose with grammar, because I'm lazy, and to try and be amusing and match the rhythm of human speech. But helmer? That ain't a word, don't put it in the title of an article unless you want people to know you're an idiot even before they click the link.

Yabbut, it will be darker and grittier, right?

Like this is the 90s, it will spend 2/3rds of its runtime either showing us how it's a *different!* take on Flash Gordon, or worse yet painfully slowly reintroduce us to Characters which have been part of the American mythological canon for nearly a century.

FLASH! Itself is lightning in a bottle, and not a trick anyone is going to be able to repeat. It's actually kind of a good plot and story, by being goofy and campy but with a good plot and story it would have worked right there, but it lacks a lot of the real flaws these things always have.

 it never tries to explain to us what Hawkmen are for instance because it's in the name of the thing.

It's really just a vehicle for an absolutely fantastic album. And the cast? Really? Zero chance you're ever going to find such a pitch-perfect set of actors to be in a franchise. Were they even wearing costumes or is that just how the rolled back in the 80s?

Then, in the end? It will feel ripped off and derivative because even if it draws a lot from the original Flash Gordon lore, people have been ripping that off for like a century now.

So yeah, probably nothing but ashes and tears down this path.

I hope it's good though, or that people enjoy it, I'm not naysaying for fun, just pointing out the obvious.

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